Discover the expertise of Les Vins Alexander Krossa.

Alexander Krossa Wines has a team with both business expertise and technical know-how, since a wine is more than just a bottle and a price.

With their varied experiences and unrivaled personalized service, the team has a global vision, which allows a careful analysis of the terroir and grape varietals, to highlight strong points and to improve upon the weaker points of each.

We give advice while respecting the philosophy and identity of each winery and always considering economic constraints.

Of course, the wine-making process and blending are primordial. The oenologist winemakers are especially active in the selection of wines after the harvest and throughout the blending processes all year long. This operation, always in harmony with the technical teams of our partners, ensures the quality year in and year out of wines offered by our company. It also allows us to make necessary adjustments to respond to changes in the market and client needs.



Thanks to our experience in international markets worldwide, we can assist our wineries in adapting their packaging when necessary while still keeping their identity.

This also applies to special requests from clients looking to develop their own product ranges and labels.


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